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Thrive Retreats are a luxury all-inclusive experience offering guests:

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Unique Wellness  Experiences

Individually designed country house suites, each with its own unique features and estate views

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Daily Chef prepared Cuisine

Delicious Menu from our in-house caterers featuring nutritionally balanced and delicious food to fuel your day.

Fitness classes and training sessions to help you explore the cardio and resistance training options that suit you.


Rest & Recovery Programme

Guaranteeing deep relaxation including woodland sauna, ice barrels, Yin Yoga and full access to Avalon’s state of the art wellness centre

A varied menu of activities that take full advantage of the Broughton’s beautiful 3000-acre estate including wild swimming, mountain bike trails and scenic hikes through the Yorkshire Dales

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Evening, social & wind-down

Activities woven through the retreat schedule providing ample time to laugh and relax, make new friends, as well as time for yourself 


Premium Accommodation

Indoor & Outdoor Classes

We provide you with tangible take-aways enabling you to integrate Thrive’s approach into your day-to-day life.

The Thrive philosophy is that by making gentle adjustments to each of these 4 lifestyle factors, you can make a huge positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

Thrive’s base is Broughton Sanctuary – a historic 3000-acre country estate at the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales which has been in the Tempest family for 1,000 years. The surrounding Sanctuary is home to an innovative Nature Recovery Project combining ancient and newly planted woodland, rolling meadows and tranquil lakes and rivers intertwined with unique estate features including woodland dining in the Cosmic Garden, a Fibonacci sequence stone circle and moon baths set into the hillside to take in the full extent of the breath-taking views.

Thrive retreat mornings will kick off with a countryside run or hike, encompassing Broughton’s stunning vistas, followed by a delicious chef-prepared breakfast to power your day.  Avalon’s state-of-the-art wellness facility sits at the heart of your retreat experience with the unique ‘studios with a view’ hosting a varied menu of exercise and class options accompanied by exclusive access to the spa, sauna and pool suite to rest and re-charge. Thrive retreats maximise the full breadth of Broughton’s 3000 acres with activities and adventure led by our expert team, alongside education in fitness, nutrition, recovery and mindset. Days wind down with meals in our beautiful walled garden restaurant Utopia, and a range of evening experiences you can share with a supportive, likeminded retreat group.

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