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Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Thrive mini-retreats and holidays are centred around empowering our guests to discover better ways of living a healthier, fuller and more active life. Our monthly mini-retreat programme takes the opportunity to tackle topics in depth offering evidence-based information and practical exercises and tips that you can easily implement into day-to-day life.

group discussion at a Thrive Mini Retreat
Thrive Mini Retreat@50 Hill Rise

August’s mini retreat focused on managing stress and achieving hormonal balance – one of the topics we are most often asked during our lifestyle Q&A’s! We brought together our expert team to answer some key questions around stress and hormones including:

  • How can I reduce feelings of stress in my daily life?

  • How does stress impact my hormonal balance and what are the symptoms?

  • Can diet and exercise help to regulate hormones and reduce my stress levels?

We know chronic stress negatively impacts our personal efforts across the board – whether that is sleep quality, fitness, weight-loss or simply maintaining a positive mindset. So our mini-retreats explore fitness, nutrition and lifestyle strategies to tackle the challenge, with activities, insights and Q&A’s to embed new science-backed knowledge around this topic. The Thrive philosophy is that by making gentle adjustments, you can make a huge positive impact on your health and well-being.

In our August session, we worked with Wild & Wise Nutritionist, Lauren Craven-Niemczyk to uncover why and how stress impacts our healthy living efforts and what we can do to address this and ensure hormonal balance.

We unpicked the complex relationship between stress and hormones, looking at the stress hormone cortisol and how it can disrupt overall hormonal balance. We looked at the vital role of sleep in hormonal balance, sharing tips and practises for improving relaxation, sleep quality and establishing balancing routines. And we explored the role of nutrition in balancing hormones, highlighting hormone-supportive foods, supplements and adaptogens like ashwagandha.

The practical element of our mini-retreat showcased a stress-reducing workout (spoiler alert: it’s not just yoga!). The workout was specifically designed to help you meet your weekly exercise targets as well as provide an effective release from built-up tension. The practical section was rounded out with a therapeutic stretch and breathwork session, as well a buffet of healthy snacks and refreshments.

To find out more about how Thrive's holistic approach can help you achieve your goals, contact

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