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  • How many people will be on a Thrive retreat?
    Typically Thrive retreats host around 20 guests but we do run smaller cohorts
  • Do I have to participate in all the activities?
    No, all activities are optional, but we have planned balanced days with a good blend of activity and relaxation so it is possible to participate in the full retreat timetable everyday, no matter your current level of fitness
  • How fit do I need to be to attend a Thrive retreat?
    We conduct a thorough health questionnaire and pre-briefing call before each retreat to ensure all attendees are ready to attend. Thrive retreats are specifically targeted at a range of abilities, from absolute beginner, to intermediate exerciser looking to improve their results, so the timetable is tailored to offer suitable activities or every level
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    A few changes of fitness wear and trainers. Swimwear, waterproofs, comfortable walking shoes and a range of casual clothes for evenings
  • Are all towels, toiletries and hairdryers provided on retreat?
    Yes, in your retreat house and at the Avalon spa and pool suite
  • Who can I speak to during the retreat to ask questions or address any concerns?
    Retreat leaders Robbie and Veryan will be your key points of contact throughout and after your stay, but all staff at Broughton are on hand to make your stay a happy one
  • How will my physical limitations and injuries be managed during the retreat?
    We will gather a full understanding of any injuries on ongoing issues during our retreat pre-briefing process. We also have a specialist rehab PT on hand, throughout the retreat, running classes, providing ongoing guidance and conducting in-depth one-one-ones with all retreat attendees.
  • Will we have free time to explore the facilities and grounds at our leisure during the retreat?
    Absolutely yes, we encourage it. Free time is factored into everyday
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