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Meet The THRIVE Team

Thrive Team Ethos:

'Although we each have walked entirely different paths to get where we are now, the methods we employed and the place we have arrived at is strikingly similar. It’s this common ground and shared philosophy that serves as the foundation of Thrive.'



For a large part of my teen and adult life I was really overweight, I would periodically have bursts of motivation to try and tackle this but nothing ever seemed to do anything. This got me to a place of pretty much giving up and settling into a life of being overweight and unhealthy, which I hated. It felt limiting and I was very self conscious about how I looked. I knew during all of this time that I needed to make significant lifestyle changes but lacked any real education to do so. I put lots of effort into exercise for years to try and tackle the problem but didn’t understand the way this all intersected with other areas of life integral to health. The turning point for me was going on a holiday with two friends, one of which was up every morning for a run. He encouraged me to come along, at first I resisted but thought why not and went. Full disclosure, I always despised running greatly, however within a few days of eating well and running every morning I felt a shift occurring. This I believe stemmed from the feeling of encouragement and shared experience, on top of this we were eating and sleeping well. This holiday ended up being like a retreat experience and a complete life shifting moment. After I returned home I carried on running and it helped me lose all of my extra weight (8 stone all told, yea, I know) and have kept it off since, this also developed my enthusiasm for all kinds of exercise, meaning I could be free to figure what I enjoyed and what worked for me. Exercise no longer seems at all like a chore or a bother and has not only made life generally more enjoyable, but also helped with productivity and work hugely.



In my early 30’s I experienced a period of extreme burnout. I had a very demanding job, 3 children under 5 and some health issues requiring minor surgeries. I reached a point where I knew I needed a solution: a way of living and feeling better. I felt anxious and low, and I just wasn’t enjoying life the way I used to. I had read about all the positive effects regular exercise had on mental and physical wellbeing and had a strong sense that I wanted to take action and take control to improve my quality of life.

Over the course of a decade or more fitness grew to be an integral part of my daily life. It gave me a huge sense of agency - a sense that I could do something meaningful to improve how I felt and how I showed up for my family and friends. It also proved to be a source of strength and consistency. When I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease, my interest and commitment to health and fitness enabled me to manage the condition and ultimately get it to a point of remission. Fitness has changed my life in ways I could never have expected and continues to be a huge source of fun and positivity for me and my family.

Let's Thrive Together

71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

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